Mission Statement

Soul In Motion Dance Arts Academy Inc. is dedicated to encouraging and developing self expression and commitment, in a friendly supportive environment.

Soul In Motion dance arts academy believes that dance, music and drama are valuable means of expression and communication within our society.  It is our responsibility to develop the ability to explore and express these art forms in our daily lives.

Soul In Motion dance arts  academy will help children and adults develop awareness, explore emotions, and condition their bodies, while invigorating their spirit and improving their ability to interact with others.

Soul In Motion dance arts  academy offers people of all ages an opportunity to explore the benefits of dance, music, and drama in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment.

All our classes are conducted by experienced and professional instructors, who use a variety of methods to meet the different learning needs of their students in a caring and encouraging manner.

At Soul In Motion dance arts academy we understand the value of art and it’s importance in our society.  Whether one chooses to partake in one class a week or multiple classes a week, our objective remains the same.  To help create well-rounded artists who will learn to nurture and respect their innate creativity, through educated training, discipline and appreciation for what each individual has to offer.