Recreational Classes

Soul In Motion offers an extensive recreational program for children and adults beginning at the age of three. Gentle, energetic or animated, we offer a variety of dance styles that complement your character.

Each class runs once a week and ranges from thirty minutes to one hour. Classes are organized according to age and experience, which enables students to learn at a suitable pace.

Our recreational program strives to create a community of dancers that employ dance as a tool for physical and emotional awareness while having fun. Our classes promote an inclusive learning environment where each student explores their movement skills in their chosen dance discipline(s).

We are committed to promote positive learning as this provides dancers with skill, knowledge and confidence.

Our team of qualified instructors is dedicated to motivate and inspire students to utilize dance as a form of expression as dance is a language that can shape the development of any individual, regardless of their age.

Our friendly environment enables dancers to gain social awareness through participating in interactive classes and a year-end recital. This experience provides dancers with the opportunity to perform in a professional theatre and share their love for dance with others.